Conference Programme

The conference began on Wednesday 4 January 2012 with an evening reception at CMS. The scientific conference ran for 3 days, starting on Thursday 5 January 2012. On Sunday 8 January 2012 there was a Public Symposium at Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge.

This is the final programme (it can be downloaded in PDF format here). There was a video relay room for local University members, but the talks were also webcasted live. Archived streams are now available - please click on the talk titles below to view videos of the talks.

Videos of the lectures at the Public Symposium can be viewed on the Public Symposium website. All Symposium lectures were webcasted live and recorded.

  Scientific Conference at Centre for Mathematical Sciences Public Symposium at Lady Mitchell Hall
Time/Date Wednesday,
4 Jan
5 Jan
6 Jan
7 Jan
8 Jan
9:30 Welcome and Introduction at 9:30    
9:40 Frank Wilczek.
Time Crystals
Bruce Allen.
The Einstein@Home search for gravitational waves and neutron stars (PDF, MOV)
Simon Ross.
Holography and black holes
10:20 Renata Kallosh.
N=8 supergravity
Hermann Nicolai.
Consistent Kaluza Klein universes from maximal supergravity
James Sparks.
The Nuts and Bolts of AdS/CFT
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Juan Maldacena.
The constraining power of higher spin symmetry
Michael Green.
Scattering Amplitudes in String and Field Theory
Harvey Reall.
Black holes and extra dimensions
12:10 Gary Gibbons.
Conformal Symmetry and Scaling Limits of Black Holes (PDF)
Andrew Strominger.
Microscopic Realization of the dS/CFT Correspondence
Gary Horowitz.
Instability of Anti-de Sitter Spacetime
Doors open at 13:00
12:50 Lunch Welcome at 14:00
14:00 David Spergel.
The State of the Universe: 380,000 Years After the Big Bang
Raphael Bousso.
The State of the Multiverse
Thomas Hertog.
A new twist on the no-boundary state
Martin Rees: 14:10
From planets to universes
14:40 Daniel Eisenstein.
Dark Energy and Cosmic Sound
Andrei Linde.
Inflation in supergravity and string theory
Shing-Tung Yau.
Quasi Local Mass and Momentum in General Relativity (PDF)
Saul Perlmutter: 14:55
Supernova, Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe
15:20 Tea Tea break: 15:45
16:00 Alan Guth.
Eternal Inflation and Its Implications
Neil Turok.
The Big Crunch/Big Bang Transition
James Hartle.
The State of the No Boundary Wave Function
Kip Thorne: 16:25
Black Holes: A New Golden Age
16:40 Luis Lehner.
Black holes & membranes: observables & surprises?
Alexander Vilenkin.
Did the universe have a beginning? (PDF)
NONE Stephen Hawking: 17:15
A Brief History of Mine
Evening Registration & Reception at 18:30;
Buffet Dinner at 19:00
Drinks Reception at Gonville & Caius at 19:00 Reception and Banquet (King's College) at 19:15 Conclusion of Scientific Conference at 17:20  

Here are the notes from the Conference and the Symposium, taken and kindly provided by Prof Don Page, for those who would like to read a personal account of the events.