Scientific Strategy

The CTC exists to advance the scientific understanding of our Universe:

Taking forward the vision of its founder Stephen Hawking, CTC has developed an exciting programme of research for the period 2012-17, further details of which can be found on our research page.

At Stephen Hawking's 70th birthday celebrations in 2012, we were very pleased to announce a generous donation to create a new Endowed Chair in the University of Cambridge, the Stephen Hawking Professor of Cosmology. This will allow CTC to attract and retain cosmologists of the highest international standing, providing leadership in research and teaching. Complementing this major benefaction, there are several important avenues through which we aim to build up CTC research.

COSMOS, the UK's national cosmology supercomputer, housed in DAMTP.

COSMOS, the UK's national cosmology supercomputer, housed in DAMTP

We will develop CTC programmes with topical workshops on cutting edge research. Workshops and conferences allow the greatest minds in cosmology to come together to advance the field through the interchange of ideas, while also inspiring youngresearchers. Futher details of previous and upcoming CTC workshops can be found on our activities page.

We will invite Distinguished Visiting Professorships to help lead our programmes. These scientists will be chosen because of their international reputation in new and emerging fields of cosmology and gravitation. Their input will ensure that the outreach work remains informed by the most recent cosmology research from around the world.

We will encourage excellence in a future generation of cosmologists through Advanced Research and Post-Doctoral Fellowships. Appointing the brightest young researchers will ensure a dynamic research core at CTC. We have an outstanding record of attracting high-calibre candidates who can fulfil import roles not fully covered by faculty members.

We will support innovation in numerical cosmology and relativity through the COSMOS supercomputer. CTC hosts and operates the COSMOS@DiRAC supercomputer, a world-leading national STFC facility. To foster exploitation of these resources, we aim to support post-doctoral researchers and programmers in computational cosmology and relativity.

We aim to simultaneously communicate our advances to the wider public and inspire the next generation of young scientists. We are privileged to have Stephen Hawking as exemplar, combining scientific excellence with the ability to reach a huge audience. Eminent CTC visitors who are gifted communicators will offer webcast popular lectures, wile we also develop exciting and interactive online resources about The Origin of the Universe. With this grand vision of cosmology, we want to inspire scientific curiosity in young people all around the world and even to help find the next Stephen Hawking.