Scientific Activities

The CTC is at the forefront of cutting edge theoretical physics research.

CTC runs cutting edge scientific workshops and conferences, bringing together eminent theorists and the most promising young researchers to discuss the latest research and biggest questions in cosmology.

In addition to this, CTC hosts weekly seminars, bringing together leading scientists from the Insitute of Astronomy, the Cavendish Laboratory and DAMTP to discuss advanced research.


Professor Hawking gives a lecture.


We run weekly seminars in conjunction with the Cavenish Laboratory and the Insitute of Astronomy, featuring academics from across the globe.

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Upcoming conferences at the CTC.

Upcoming Conferences

Find out more about our upcoming conferences, which bring together world class researchers to discuss the latest research in cosmology

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Public lectures at the CTC.

Public Lectures

Find out more about the Stephen Hawking Lecture series, as well as the Alex Chamberlin Memorial Lectures.

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Past conferences at the CTC.

Past Conferences

Past conferences include PASCOS 2011, the 17th International Symposium on Particles, Strings and Cosmology.

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