From Algorithms to Architectures

Draft Programme

Monday, 14th March

10:30 Coffee
11:00 Chris Newburn Intel
Intel® hStreams - concurrent tasks on heterogeneous platforms
11:45 Jim Jeffers Intel
OSPRay – High fidelity ray-tracing on many-core systems
13:00 Lunch
14:00 COSMOS Tour – Juha Jaykka
14:30 James Fergusson DAMTP, Cambridge
Planck Satellite analysis
14:40 Carlos Martins Porto
15:00 Paul Shellard DAMTP, Cambridge
Multiplex Computing Update – COSMOS IPCC
15:30 Future and Emerging Technologies - Discussion
19:00 Dinner at Churchill College


Tuesday, 15th March

9:30 Coffee
10:00 Welcome and Introduction
10:00 Jeremy Yates DiRAC Director, UCL
Big Data, Algorithms and Architectures
10:20 Simon McIntosh-Smith Computer Science, Bristol
Evolving architectures and how they'll affect us
10:45 Jim Jeffers Intel
Intel® Knight’s Landing
11:15 Coffee and discussion
11:35 Ulrich Sperhake DAMTP, Cambridge
LIGO and the discovery of gravitational waves – what’s next?
11:50 Pau Figueras Mathematics, Queen Mary, London
GRChombo – numerical relativity with flexible AMR
12:10 Ewald Puchwein  IoA, Cambridge
Arepo and state-of-the-art N-body/hydro simulations
12:40 Peter Boyle  Physics, University of Edinburgh
QCD, pde simulations and Extreme Scaling
12:45 Discussion
13:10 Lunch
14:00 Juha Jaykka  DAMTP, Cambridge
Many-core platforms – COSMOS IPCC science
14:15 Paul Shellard DAMTP, Cambridge
Heterogeneous platforms for data analytics
14:30 Ian Lloyd Intel
Next generation non-volatile memory
15:00 Mike Woodacre SGI
New heterogeneous architectures
15:30 Will Wellington Adaptive
Malleable resource scheduling
15:40 Tea and discussion
16:20 Mark Hindmarsh Physics, Sussex University
LatField2 - dynamical fields on a lattice
16:40 Eugene Lim Physics, Kings College London
Simulating primordial gravitational waves
17:00 Overarching discussion
18:00 Close (Pub)


Wednesday, 16th March

09:00 -18:00 First draft of ATI document “From Algorithms to Architectures”


Printable version of programme (PDF)

The meeting will take place at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WA. Tel. 01223 765000.

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