Supporters of the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology

Stephen Hawking, Founder of the CTC.
Personal message from Stephen Hawking:

"People have always wanted to understand the Universe and answer the big questions: Where did we come from, why are we here?

We have made great progress in cosmology in recent years and I have been privileged to be able to play a part.

Theoretical advances and observational discoveries have gone hand in hand. We have discovered that the Universe is not eternal and unchanging, as was once thought..."

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Professor Hawking with COSMOS, the UK's national cosmology supercomputer.

Our Strategy

The CTC exists to forward our understanding of the Universe. We have many plans intended to build up our research ability.

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The opening of the CTC.

Our Supporters

Our current supporters have been key to establishing and endowing this research centre, for which we are incredibly grateful.

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Professor Hawking receives the Copley Medal.

How You Can Support the CTC

Find out how you can help support the ongoing scientific research here at the CTC.

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The CTC has a directorate and external scientific advisory committee.

CTC Governance

The CTC is governed by an academic executive who report to an external scientific advisory committee.

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The CTC collaborates with a number of institutions from across the globe.


We collaborate with many Institutions across the world so that we might together gain a greater understanding of our Universe.

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