Research Topics

The CTC engages in world class research on the latest topics in cosmology.

Fundamental theory suggests that when we survey our Universe we discern only a shadow of a much vaster topologically complex higher-dimensional world. Almost all theorists are agreed that Einstein's four-dimensional spacetime is only part of an as yet only dimly envisaged, more fundamental structure, in which space, time and matter exist on the same footing.

Cosmology is a rapidly changing field and the most exciting innovations cannot be foreseen with certainty. For this reason, CTC will operature flexibly and respond rapidly to new developments. Nevertheless, we believe we can identify ambitious and timely fields of research where important progess is likely in the near future.


Research overview

Research Overview

The purpose of the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology is to advance the scientific understanding of our universe, developing cosmological theories that are both mathematically consistent and observationally testable.

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A string theory landscape

Fundamental Theory and Cosmology

One of the central problems in connecting fundamental theory with cosmology is how inflation emerges from within a higher-dimensional spacetime.

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The Cosmic Microwave Background data from the ESA's Planck Satellite.

Critical tests of the inflationary paradigm

The cosmic microwave background radiation, left over from the Big Bang, has recently been mapped over the whole sky. To date, the small fluctuations measured have been in impressive agreement with predictions.

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Gravitational waves.

Gravitational waves and signiatures of the early Universe

The Advanced LIGO interferometer, which will begin to operate at high sensitivity in 2013, will herald a new era of gravitational wave astronomy.

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Mutability of physical laws.

Mutability of the laws of physics

These are subjects of major international interest where CTC has a history of leading contributions and a network of world-class collaborators.

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A black hole.

Black Holes

Building on our pioneering work on the pivotal role of black holes and other extended objects in fundamental theories which seek to unify gravity and the strong and electroweak forces.

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Other research.

Other research: dark energy and dark matter

What is the dark matter that makes up about 25% of the Universe and which holds together galaxies?

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