Seminars at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology

Professor Hawking gives a lecture at a workshop at CTC

Professor Hawking gives a lecture at a workshop at CTC

CTC hosts, together with the DAMTP Relativity and Gravitation (GR) Group, a series of weekly seminars with the Institute of Astronomy, the Cavendish Laboratory, and the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. These seminars are given by academics from all over the world.

Upcoming seminars

Monday, 25 March 2024, 1pm
The FLAMINGO project: revisiting the S8 tension and the role of baryonic physics
Ian McCarthy (Liverpool John Moores University)
Cosmology Lunch


Seminar Series
Mondays, 1pm Cosmology Lunch Thomas Colas, Fiona McCarthy
Wednesdays, 2pm Theoretical Physics Colloquium Hannah Banks
Fridays, 1pm DAMTP Friday GR Seminar Xi Tong

Cosmology lunches and DAMTP Friday GR seminars are held in the Pavilion B Potter Room (B1.19)
Wednesday HEP/GR seminars are held in Meeting Room 2, Pavilion A

For other seminar series please refer to the DAMTP seminars webpage.

Group journal clubs

Please note that all members of the GR Group/CTC are strongly encouraged to participate regularly in one or other of the two Cosmology and Relativity Journal Clubs. These are an excellent opportunity to keep abreast with recent developments across your field of research, as well as to interact with other group members.

Tuesdays, 10am Cambridge Cosmology Journal Club Suhail Dhawan
Tuesdays, 2pm GR Journal Club Amelia Drew
Thursdays, 2.30pm CMB/LSS discussion group (bi-weekly) Vid Irsic, Blake Sherwin


Other regular events

Wednesdays, 1.15pm IoA Wednesday Seminar Francisco Paz-Chinchon
Thursdays, 10am 21-cm cosmology monthly meetings Eloy de Lera Acedo, Anastasia Fialkov, Bojan Nikolic
Fridays, 10.30am arXiv scrolling club (subscribe here)
Fridays, 11.30am Galaxies Discussion Seminar Sandro Tacchella


More information about mailing lists and events can be found here.