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Stephen W. Hawking Chair of Cosmology advertised

The University of Cambridge is now inviting applications for the Stephen W. Hawking Chair of Cosmology, a distinguished professorship created through a generous benefaction from the Avery-Tsui Foundation. This is a high profile role intended to take forward Professor Hawking’s monumental legacy in cosmology and gravitation, helping to ensure the continuation of Cambridge’s long and remarkable history in these areas. An exceptional candidate is being sought with an outstanding international reputation to lead research programmes in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP).

Dennis Avery, Julian Revie and Sally Wong-Avery with Prof. Hawking in 2005

Research into the fundamental structure of the Universe and the nature of gravity has advanced rapidly in recent years, building on key breakthroughs made by Professor Hawking and colleagues in our understanding of both the Big Bang and Black Holes. These theoretical advances have been accelerated by confrontation with dramatic experimental discoveries, like the LIGO/Virgo observation of gravitational waves and the WMAP and Planck maps of fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background. In 2007, Professor Hawking founded the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology (CTC) to take forward this vision and to ensure that the DAMTP Relativity and Gravitation group remains at the forefront of developments in general relativity and the early universe. Activities that CTC supports include topical workshops, postdoctoral fellowships, and computational facilities, together with the linked interdepartmental Kavli Institute of Cosmology, which sponsors Kavli Fellows, as well as the Cambridge Gravitational Waves Initiative. This worldwide reputation in gravitation and cosmology is reflected by a constant influx of postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientists each year and by the large number of talented students enrolling in our Master’s Degree (Part III) and PhD programmes.

The Stephen W. Hawking Professor will play a key role by providing leadership in research and teaching in cosmology and gravitation, using their expertise and enthusiasm to attract and nurture the brightest and best researchers and students from around the world. Applications are invited by 12 April 2021 and further details about the position and how to apply can be found here: