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This Cambridge Life: The CTC cosmologist modelling the Universe with maths

The University recently conducted an interview with Tobias Baldauf about his research for This Cambridge Life. The interview, along with some examples of his photography, can be found here:


Tobias is a Stephen Hawking Advanced Fellow who joined the Hawking Centre in 2016, having been a postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. His research focuses on Large Scale Structure, the distribution of matter and galaxies in the universe that may lead to new insights about the origin and evolution of the cosmos, which has included running simulations on the COSMOS supercomputer. Since arriving in Cambridge, Tobias has published widely on how sophisticated perturbation theory methods – especially non-Gaussian statistics – can be used to learn more from measured galaxy distributions.

The Centre for Mathematical Sciences, home of the CTC, as photographed by Tobias Baldauf.

Tobias has been an exemplary good citizen at CTC, contributing to Part III lecture courses, supervising PhD students, and helping to organize seminars and workshops. He has also been a Research Fellow and Graduate Tutor at Clare Hall. One of his hobbies is photography, and we are very glad to have had him on hand to take photos at many of our events; do take a look at more examples on This Cambridge Life.