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Lectures by Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking online

The International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology, held this year in Cambridge, is one of the major venues for interaction between cosmologists, particle physicists and astrophysicists. Cosmology is a data-driven field with new observations improving our understanding of the Universe. On Wednesday 4th September, as part of the programme, we held a popular event at Lady Mitchell Hall with three gifted science communicators who told us about recent developments which are impacting cosmology. Professor Andrew Liddle (Edinburgh) talked about the Planck satellite results announced this year about the cosmic microwave sky, Professor Brian Cox (Manchester) discussed recent discoveries at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, and Professor Stephen Hawking offered his own perspective on theories about the origin of the Universe, with a talk entitled "Fire in the Equations".

The symposium is available to watch on YouTube and the talks can be viewed individually on the University of Cambridge Video & Audio website:

Professor Andrew Liddle

Professor Brian Cox

Professor Stephen Hawking

Professor Brian Cox speaks at the COSMO 2013 public symposium