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COSMOS video receives industry recognition at 33rd Telly Awards

On July 10, the 33rd Annual Telly Awards recognised Intel Corporation's promotional video of COSMOS, the UK's national cosmology supercomputer, which is housed in DAMTP, with the follow Bronze Telly award in the following categories:

  • Best Informational Video
  • Best Online Commercial, Best Editing
  • Best Online Commercial, Best Videography
  • Best Online Video, Best Videography
  • Best Computer Segment, Information Technology

COSMOS is part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council DiRAC High Performance Computing facility, a national service for UK cosmologists, astronomers and particle physicists, as well as non-academic users. The first system of its kind, it is the most powerful shared-memory supercomputer in Europe. 

Below is the COSMOS promotional video, which features Stephen Hawking alongside fellow CTC members Paul Shellard, Eugene Lim and Andrey Kaliazin.

The Telly Awards honour film and video productions, web commericals, videos and films and outstanding local, regional and cable TV commericals and programmes. Founded in 1978, the 33rd Awards received over 12,000 entries from 5 continents.


Paul Shellard as seen in the COSMOS film

Prof Paul Shellard as seen in the COSMOS film