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COSMOS Mk IX arrives!

Yesterday the components of the new COSMOS Mk IX, the UK's national cosmology supercomputer, arrived at the CTC for installation.

The system, which is the largest shared-memory computer in Europe and the first SMP system in the world to be boosted by the Intel Xeon Phi co-processors later in the year, will be used to support research in cosmology, astrophysics and particle physics within the DiRAC distributed HPC Facility, funded by STFC and DBIS UK.

COSMOS Mk IX features 1856 Intel Xeon E5 processor cores (SandyBridge-EP) with 14.5TB of globally shared memory. It will also eventually feature 31 Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) co-processors, providing a hybrid hierarchical SMP/MIC computing platform.

Find out more about the COSMOS system and the collaboration with SGI/Intel in our previous news story - follow this link.

COSMOS arrives at CTC The crane comes out! All lined up...Set up COSMOS is in place Stephen Hawking posing with the new machines

COSMOS set up. Click any of the images for a larger view!

Professors Hawking and Shellard with Andrey Kaliazin and the team from SGI

Stephen Hawking (COSMOS PI), and left-to-right Andy Barrington (SGI), John Scarborough (SGI), Simon Appleby (SGI), Paul Shellard (COSMOS@DiRAC Director) and Andrey Kaliazin (COSMOS System Manager)