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CTC to host public lectures as part of Stephen Hawking's 75th Birthday Conference

The Centre for Theoretical Cosmology will be hosting an afternoon of public lectures on Sunday 2nd July 2017. This event is to mark the 75th birthday of Professor Stephen Hawking and forms the preliminary to a scientific conference, entitled Gravity and Black Holes, which will be attended by experts from around the world. The meeting is being held to honour Professor Hawking whose courage, insight and vision continues to have such an impact on the way we understand fundamental physics at the extremes in black holes and the Big Bang.

The Public Symposium on Sunday 2nd July will feature talks by four distinguished scientists: Professors Brian Cox, Gabriela Gonzalez, Martin Rees, and Professor Hawking himself. The event is especially timely because of the exciting discovery of gravitational waves by the LIGO experiment last year. Gabriela González, representing the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, will update the audience on the status of gravitational wave detections resulting from black hole mergers. Professor Brian Cox from CERN and the University of Manchester is very well known for his BBC TV series on popular science, including Wonders of the Universe. Lord Rees of Ludlow (Professor Martin Rees) is the Astronomer Royal and a leading expert on black holes and cosmology, as well as a gifted science communicator.

The talks will be held at Lady Mitchell Hall in Cambridge and will be live-streamed by Intel Studios via the Discovery Youtube Science channel (to be confirmed). A limited number of tickets will be made available to members of the general public shortly before the event. More information about the Public Symposium, including the programme for the afternoon, can be found here:


Details of the scientific conference can be found at this website:

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of Intel in providing sponsorship for this event.