Centre for Theoretical Cosmology News

CTC takes part in Science Festival

On March 25 the Centre for Mathematical Sciences held an open day as part of the annual Cambridge Science Festival. Overall around 450 members of the public visited the CMS, including families as well as some prospective students.

Members of the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology took an active part in the open day, presenting videos and posters on our research in cosmology and general relativity. These included a visualisation of the merger of two black holes that was simulated using GRChombo, a code that was developed by members of the CTC and was run on the COSMOS supercomputer.

Students and postdocs explained structure formation in the universe as well as gravitational waves and their recent discovery by the LIGO experiment, and children were able to explore the expansion of the universe using hot air balloons.

The CTC’s high performance computing experts, Juha Jäykkä and Kacper Kornet, provided guided tours of the COSMOS supercomputer. Juha explained the performance of COSMOS compared to normal home computers and highlighted the potential of dedicated hardware that is being explored in our collaboration with Intel.

The day was a resounding success, both for the CMS as a whole and for the CTC, and all three tours of the supercomputer room were fully booked.

Juha Jäykkä shows the COSMOS supercomputer to visitors.