Workshop on the non-Gaussian Universe

11-13 September 2019, Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, DAMTP, Cambridge, UK.

The Universe and its Large Scale Structure (LSS) are non-Gaussian in many ways:

  • We expect there to be non-Gaussianity at some level in the distribution of initial density fluctuations; this may provide important clues about inflation and fundamental theory.
  • Non-Gaussianity inevitably emerges in the late-time density field because of non-linear gravitational collapse, so we need to describe these higher order moments.
  • Secondary anisotropies in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) imprint non-Gaussian signatures into the otherwise close to Gaussian CMB temperature fluctuations.

In the workshop “The non-Gaussian Universe” we will to bring together experts on each of these subjects to explore recent results as well as the potential of studying non-Gaussianity in forthcoming data from surveys of the LSS. This workshop is organised by the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at DAMTP in Cambridge and will be held from September 11 to September 13, 2019. It is inspired by a recent collaborative initiative between cosmologists in Cambridge and at the LMU in Munich, but external participants are most welcome!

The programme will leave plenty of room for discussion, with a few keynote speakers setting the scene each day and a number of smaller presentations by individual participants.

PROGRAMME: Please see here for a broad outline of the schedule.

PARTICIPANTS:  An evolving early list of participants/speakers can be found here.

This workshop is part of a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

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Cambridge venue

Centre for Mathematical Sciences

The conference venue is the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, the award-winning buildings that have housed the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics since 2000. With its excellent facilities and good transport connections to international airports, the CMS has an excellent track record hosting international conferences.