COSMO 2013 Programme









Particle Physics

Cosmic Microwave Background

Large-Scale Structure

Primordial Cosmology

Cosmic Acceleration


Opening + Registration

George Efstathiou:
Planck unchained (video)

Uros Seljak:
Galaxy clustering and weak lensing: current observations and theoretical challenges (video)

Liam McAllister:
Many-field inflation (video)

Ofer Lahav:
Dark energy: observational probes and alternative models (video)


Recent results from the LHC (video)

Jo Dunkley:
Cosmology from the small-scale CMB (video)

Simon White:
Insights into the nature of dark matter from numerical simulations (video)

Cliff Burgess:
Naturalness and cosmology: does Planck give us a totally free hand? (video)

Lam Hui:
Testing gravity (video)


John Ellis:
From the Higgs boson to cosmology (video)

John Kovac:
B-modes from the ground (video)

Matias Zaldarriaga:
The effective field theory of large-scale structure (video)

Joseph Conlon:
Dark radiation and a 0.1 - 1 keV cosmic axion background (video)

Claudia de Rham:
Dark energy and modified gravity (video)








Malcolm Fairbairn:
Evidence for dark matter (video)

Ben Wandelt:
Fundamental physics from cosmology - Planck and beyond (video)

Ue-Li Pen:
21cm cosmology (video)

Thomas Hertog:
Quantum cosmological backgrounds: predictions and observations (video)

Richard Easther: Inflation: plus ├ža change (video)


Silvia Pascoli: Neutrino masses: experiments versus cosmological observations (video)

David Spergel:
Cosmology after Planck: small-scale CMB experiments (video)

The quest for axions and other WISPs (video)

Slava Mukhanov:
Quantum cosmological perturbations: predictions and observations (video)

Edmund Copeland: Dark energy - modelling and testing for it (video)








Parallel Sessions

Parallel Sessions


Parallel Sessions











Public Talks, Lady Mitchell Hall:
Andrew Liddle (video),
Brian Cox (video),
Stephen Hawking (video)





Gruber Cosmology Prize (6pm)


Banquet (7pm)


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Conference Webcast

Individual lectures (including the public talks) can be found on the University of Cambridge Video & Audio site, but the continuous streaming of the sessions is still available below:

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Tuesday 9:00am-1:00pm:

Gruber Prize Ceremony (Tuesday 6:00pm-7:00pm):

Wednesday 9:00am-1:00pm:

Public symposium (Wednesday 5:00pm-7:00pm):

Thursday 9:00am-1:00pm:

Friday 9:00am-1:00pm:

Parallel Lectures

Akrami, Yashar: Cosmology of ghost-free bimetric gravity: late-time acceleration and double-coupling generalization

Amin, Mustafa: Ultra-relativistic soliton collisions

Angus, Stephen: Loop corrections to dark radiation production in large volume models

Arinyo i Prats, Andreu: Linear and non-linear Lyα 3D power spectrum of the large structure, from numerical data

Ashoorioon, Amjad: Preheating in gauged M-flation around the supersymmetric vacuum and its gravitational wave signatures

Assassi, Valentin: Probing high-scale physics with Planck

Audren, Benjamin: Disentangling late-time cosmology effects from early cosmology in the CMB

Baldauf, Tobias: Halo clustering beyond the local bias model

Balmes, Irene: DEUS simulations: imprints of dark energy on the profile of dark matter halos

Battefeld, Thorsten: Inflation on random landscapes

Ben-Dayan, Ido: Dispersion of the luminosity distance as a cosmological probe

Bonvin, Camille: Measuring relativistic effects in large-scale structures

Broy, Benedict: Trans-Planckian considerations in inflationary cosmology

Bueno Belloso, Alicia: The angular homogeneity scale of the universe

Bueno Sanchez, Juan: The inflationary origin of the cold spot

Capela, Fabio: Constraints on black holes as dark matter

Chen, Song: Fluctuation of number counts in upcoming radio continue surveys

Chen, Tai-jun: Higher derivative theories with constraints: exorcising Ostrogradski's ghost

Crisostomi, Marco: Cosmology of dRGT massive bigravity

D'Onofrio, Michela: Electrically charged curvaton

Dvorkin, Cora: Traces of dark matter annihilation in the cosmic microwave background

Elliston, Joseph: What Planck does not tell us about inflation

Falck, Bridget: The Indra suite of simulations and ORIGAMI evolution of structures

Fasiello, Matteo: On stability and observational bounds in bigravity

Feeney, Stephen: Is there cosmological evidence for a fourth neutrino?

Fergusson, James: Non-Gaussian inflation and Planck

Fidler, Christian: Second order non-Gaussianity - SONG

Flacke, Thomas: Dark matter and collider signatures from extra dimensions

Flender, Samuel: The small scale power asymmetry in the cosmic microwave background

Frazer, Jonathan: Predictions in multifield models of inflation

Fujita, Tomohiro: Inflationary magnetogenesis

Garny, Mathias: On the non-linear scale of cosmological perturbation theory

Gong, Jinn-Ouk: Correlating correlation functions of the primordial perturbation

Gruetjen, Helge: Towards efficient CMB analysis on an incomplete sky

Hindmarsh, Mark: Dark matter from decaying topological defects

Ishak-Boushaki, Mustapha: Testing general relativity at cosmological scales

Jackson, Mark: Inflationary effects from high energy physics

Kaspar, Petr: Influence of backreaction on the expansion rate inside LRS class II family

Khmelnitsky, Andrei: Time-dependent gravitational potential of scalar field dark matter haloes

Kimura, Rampei: Inevitable ghost in the decoupling limit of quasi-dilaton theory

Ko, Pyungwon: General aspects of Higgs portal DMs and Higgs phenomenology

Koivisto, Komi: On nonsingular gravity and the origin of cosmological structure

Konikowska, Dominika: Dilaton gravity in brane scenarios and the large-scale structure challenge

Lewis, Antony: Rayleigh scattering: blue sky thinking for future CMB observations

Lombriser, Lucas: Chameleon clusters in f(R) gravity

McFadden, Paul: Holography for slow-roll inflation

Mack, Katherine: Dark matter particle physics in cosmological simulations

Maroto, Antonio: Isotropy theorem for cosmological vectors and higher-spin fields

Marsh, David: Ultra-light axions and galactic halos

Marsh, M.C. David: Charting an inflationary landscape with random matrix theory

Martins, Carlos: The UVES large program for testing fundamental physics

Matsuda, Tomohiro: Modulated decay and the curvaton mechanism

Mercolli, Lorenzo: Two-point correlators in the effective field theory of large scale structures

Miyamoto, Yuhei: The role of gauge fields in phase transitions in the early universe

Mok, Ho-Ming: Cosmological constant problem and equivalence principle of quantum gravity

Mulryne, David: Transporting non-Gaussianity from sub to super-horizon scales

Noller, Johannes: On relativistic scalar fields and the quasi-static approximation

Pace, Francesco: Structure formation in non-minimally coupled dark energy models

Palma, Gonzalo: EFT of weakly coupled inflation

Park, Wan-il, A portal extension of SM with an unbroken local dark U(I)

Pearson, Jonathan: Parameterizing dark sector perturbations via equations of state

Pedro, Francisco: Inflation in the Wigner landscape

Perreault-Levasseur, Laurence: Stochastic formalism revisited: a self-consistent recursive approach

Peter, Patrick: Bouncing cosmologies: where do we stand after Planck

Pitrou, Cyril: Weak-lensing B-modes as a test of local (an)isotropy

Prokopec, Tomislav: Asymptotic state of De Sitter

Racker, Juan: Mass bounds for thermal baryogenesis from particle decays

Ramos, Rudnei: CMB constraints from WMAP and Planck on warm inflation models

Renaux-Petel, Sebastien: Primordial trispectrum and orthogonal non-Gaussianities

Richardson, Thomas: The density of dark matter at the centre of dwarf spheroidal galaxies

Rodriguez, Yeinzon: The different varieties of the Suyama-Yamaguchi consistency relation and its violation as a signal of statistical inhomogeneity

Rozas-Fernandez, Alberto: Phenomenology of unified dark matter

Sahlen, Martin: Galileons in voids

Sakstein, Jeremy: Stellar oscillations in modified gravity

Schmittfull, Marcel: Joint analysis of CMB temperature and lensing-reconstruction power spectra

Schneider, Aurel: Halo mass function and the free streaming scale

Shima, Kazunari: Cosmological and particle physical implications of nonlinear-supersymmetric general relativity theory

Solomon, Adam: Instabilities during Einstein-aether inflation

Su, Shi Chun: Non-linear Boltzmann equations for the cosmic microwave background

Suarez, Abril: Bose-Einstein condensate dark matter phase transition from finite temperature symmetry breaking

Suyama, Teruaki: Statistics of general functions of a Gaussian field application to non-Gaussianity from preheating

Tanahashi, Norihiro: Multi-field G-inflation

Thomas, Dan: Newtonian and post-Newtonian gravity in cosmology

Thorsrud, Mikjel: Infrared corrections to the primordial power spectrum in the f2(φ)F2 mechanism

Tolley, Andrew: Galileon duality

Tram, Thomas: Cosmological perturbation theory in non-flat universes

Trevisan, Gabriele: The physical squeezed limit: consistency relations at order q2

Valkenburg, Wessel: Quantitative constraints on the Copernican principle

van de Bruck, Carsten: Disformal couplings and cosmology

Vrba, David: Modeling inhomogeneity in Szekeres spacetime

Wang, Lingfei: CMB asymmetry from fast roll

Watanabe, Yuki: Gravitational modulated reheating and non-Gaussianity in supergravity R2 inflation

Watson, Scott: Supersymmetry, non-thermal dark matter and precision cosmology

Weir, David: Gravitational waves from the sound of a first order phase transition

Williams, Matt: Accidental supersymmetry and the renormalization of codimension-2 branes

Wills, Danielle: D-branes and the disformal dark sector

Wu, Yi-Peng: Curvature perturbation impulse from shift-symmetry breaking in the kinetic gravity braiding theory

Wyman, Mark: Inflation from magnetic drift

Yamada, Masaki: Opening the window to the co-genesis with Affleck-Dine mechanism in gravity mediation

Yamauchi, Daisuke: Full-sky formulae for weak lensing power spectra from total angular momentum method